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Our Primary Production Service


  1986, Tanya Joyce    
We offer a unique service that combines both video capture and on-line video hosting. Our custom remote controlled, multi-camera video system will capture your event with a quality and depth that is unlike any other service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Like live television, we select, mix and switch the best camera images into a unique, seamless video of your ceremony as it happens. At the end of your event, we will hand you a master DVD recording of the ceremony and by the next day friends and family can view your video ceremony online as a webcast at a private website address.

Unique Coverage

  • Full coverage of your event from start to finish
  • Small, unobtrusive, remote controlled cameras
  • No cameramen distracting your guests
  • Cameras in multiple positions to capture your event from many angles
  • Live camera switching that blends the best camera shots into a finished product as the event happens
  • Professional audio recording with wireless microphones

Production package

  • Video engineer and sound engineer
  • Four remote controlled cameras
  • Wireless microphones for all speakers and performers
  • Flat rate pricing includes all equipment for the complete video production

Finished product

  • Master DVD at the close of the event (duplicates on request)
  • On-line viewable video archive file at a private web address
  • Potential for live video webcast
  • Ask us about having your reception shot with one hand-held camera for an additional fee